22nd Annual Britton Farms 4th of July Parade

The 22nd annual Britton Farms 4th of July Bike Parade took place on Saturday, July 5, 2014, and was blessed with perfect weather.  The event, which was organized by Chris Keidel, was attended by between 40 and 50 kids, most of whom brought along one or more parental units.  The Balloon Lady was a big hit.  This year, frozen Popsicles replaced the previously traditional watermelons, a change which delighted kids as well as adults, since frozen Popsicles seem to not attract flies.  BFH Association officers Glen Bolognese and John Stanton helped Chris out by judging the decorated bicycles entered in the parade and awarded prizes to 5 of the participants.

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Dog Barking Reminder

It’s been awhile since this reminder went out to our members. Britton Farms residents are reminded that “frequent or habitual” dog barking is not only UN-neighborly, but also a violation of the Hilliard City Code.

The second paragraph in the code requires pet owners to “immediately” clean up after your dog when walking through the neighborhood.

Please be a responsible pet owner; it’s been said there’s no such thing as a bad dog–only a bad owner.


     (a)     No person being the owner, keeper or person having control of a dog, cat or other domestic animal or fowl, shall permit or allow such animal to annoy or disturb one or more of the inhabitants of two or more separate residences of this Municipality by the frequent or habitual howling, yelping, barking or making of other such noises within the corporate limits.

     (b)     No person being the owner, keeper or person having control of a dog, cat or other domestic animal or fowl shall permit such animal to dig or defecate on any public or private property in the City, other than the property of the owner or person in control of such animal, or allow any animal to damage any part of a lawn, tree, shrub, plant, building or other property, other than the property of the owner or person in control of such animal, by means of urination.  The foregoing prohibition as to defecation shall not apply when the person in control of such animal immediately removes all feces deposited by it and disposes of the same in a sanitary manner.

(Ord. 93-48.  Passed 6-28-93.)

New Crime Mapping Tool for Columbus, Dublin, and Franklin County

Interested in looking at crime reports/maps in the areas of Columbus, Dublin, and Franklin County that are adjacent to Hilliard? All three departments are using a new public crime-mapping tool: Raids Online.

Also see: Hilliard Crime Maps

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Dispatching and Phone Number Changes Coming For Hilliard Police

Hilliard Police

This Monday, January 13, 2014, starting at 6:00 am, Public Safety Dispatching for the Hilliard Division of Police will be transferred to the Northwest Regional Emergency Communication Center (NWRECC).  NWRECC is located at the Dublin Division of Police headquarters and will provide dispatching services for Hilliard and Dublin Police, as well as Norwich Township and Washington Township Fire Departments.

To request a police officer to come to your location community members should dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies or 614-876-7321 for non-Emergencies.

If you need any other administrative items such as obtaining a permit, talk with an officer or personnel at our facility, copy of a report, or any other information please call 614-876-2429.

Source: Hilliard Division of Police

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Holiday Lights Winners 2013

Congratulations to the winners from Friday night’s judging. There were a lot of great houses and a couple close calls for sure.

* Elegance: Bruce and Casey Cosgray, 4743 Deepwood Court Elegance 2013

* Light up the Night: Mark & Kathleen Adams, 4368 Huntwicke Court Light Up The Night 2013

* Novelty (dancing lights so pic doesn’t do it justice): Lee & Jessica Kucinski, 4339 Huntwicke Court Novelty 2013

Thanks to our judges John and Sarah Stanton!

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Tree Replacements–Message from City of Hilliard

As Hilliard’s city forester, I want to update you on the tree replacements within Britton Farms.  The contractor has planted most of the trees within the subdivision, he’s just waiting on the nursery to send a few more.  Most of the trees are replacements for removed ash trees.  The city will continue to monitor and remove any right-of-way ash that reaches or exceeds the 80% crown dieback threshold.  As trees are removed replacement trees will be planted.

Proper watering is the best action homeowners can take to ensure trees will grow and thrive.  As long as the ground isn’t frozen, the attached gator bags should be refilled whenever the area receive less than 1″ of precipitation over a 7 to 10 day period.  If you or any of your residents have questions, please have them contact me.  Thanks.

Drew Todd
Hilliard City Forester

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Britton Farms Mailbox Regulations

Britton Farms mailboxes are to be a standard size, black with red flag, and black numbers. The color of the post is to be Sherwin Williams SW6089 Grounded in a flat formula.

Britton Farms Mailbox Post Color

Britton Farms Mailbox Post Color

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BFHA Independence Day Parade

A new event has been added to the Britton Farms calendar.  Click here!

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Hilliard Police Advisory: Door-to-Door Sales

Hilliard Police Advisory Door to Door Sales

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Britton Farms Homeowners Association: Meeting Minutes April 2013



Consistent with Article II of the Code of Regulations, the April 2013 Membership Meeting of the Association was called to order by President Bob Stepp at 7:02 pm on April 23, 2013.  There were approximately 28 members in attendance.  Bob said that he tried to line up some City representatives to discuss the “arson house” but none were able to attend.

1.  Treasurer Ted Barrows presented the current financial balance sheet for the Association, showing a current bank balance, as of  4/5/13, in the amount of $45,592.63, with no outstanding obligations.  Ted further reported that, as of the date of the meeting, there were 38 households who had not yet submitted the annual Association dues, but that he has just sent out a reminder letter.  There was some discussion as to non-payments from previous years, legal action taken to collect delinquent dues and some of the reasons for non-payment or late payment.

2.  President Stepp commented on the success of this year’s egg hunt in Britton Farms park, and thanked those who organized this great event, including Andy Feicht.

3.  Garage Sale.  President Stepp recognized and thanked Norma Schneiderman for organizing our garage sale in past years.  Norma would like to pass this task on to someone else, so if anyone is interested in learning what she does with a view to organizing our neighborhood garage sale in future years, the person should contact Norma or one of the Association officers or trustees.  Norma indicated that the tasks consist of placing ads in the Dispatch and suburban newspaper, posting on Craigslist, updating with the addresses of residents who wish to participate, and placing signs at the entrances to the neighborhood on the day of the sale.  Her husband Ken places balloons on the mailboxes of participating residents.  We tentatively selected June 15th for this year’s garage sale.

4.  4th of July parade.  This was another great neighborhood signature event with Julie Slough as the primary organizer.  President Stepp recognized Julie for her work and will contact her to see if she and her crew will undertake this event again.

5.  Golf outing.  We have run a golf outing a couple of years with mixed success.  After some discussion, President Stepp and 1st Vice-President Bolognese agreed to organize for another golf outing this year, perhaps inviting other Hilliard neighborhoods to enter foursomes in friendly competition.

6.  Directories.  We have not issued an updated neighborhood directory since 2010.  Lee Salcone has been updating the electronic version of the directory as a result of information received from residents in the questionnaire which accompanied the dues invoices.  We discussed whether the directories should be printed and delivered in hard copy of if providing electronic copies to residents via e-mail would be acceptable.  There was also discussion about putting the directory up on the website.  There was some concern about security of posting names, addresses, children’s ages, etc. onto a website accessible to anyone on the internet.  Trustee Kampbell commented that an organization he is involved in has a method whereby such information is on the internet but access to it is limited to members and the rest of the world cannot access the information.  He will speak with our new webmaster about enabling such a tool on our website.  There was not a great deal of feeling among the members about how to distribute the directory, so the matter was deferred for decision by the Executive Committee.

7.  Arson House.  There is a house on Britton Farms Drive that was damaged by an arson fire a year ago in February.  It was the subject of a number of comments in the surveys returned with dues recently.  President Stepp reported that he has learned that unpaid taxes caused the property to be listed in the County Land Bank.  A private concern obtained an interest in the property by paying the back taxes last August.  If the owner fails to repay those taxes and interest to that private concern by this August, the private concern will be able to assume ownership of the property and will have the responsibility to remediate it and the authority to sell it.  In either case, remediation should take place not long thereafter.  In the meantime, the City has an obligation to mow, charging the cost of the service against the property as a lien.  There was discussion about what actions the Association might take between now and then to enhance the “curb appeal” of the premises until the next owner takes some action.  Next-door neighbors Don and Marilyn Kemp agreed to mow the yard and kill the dandelions.  President Stepp will contact the contractor that currently maintains our entrances to see if it will undertake to clean up the pile of brush stacked in front of the house and mulch the beds at the expense of the Association.

8.  President Stepp reported regular problems with the electrical system supporting the lights at the entrances.  Apparently, the combination of the location of the electrical boxes and the height of mulching around them has resulted in water collection in the boxes causing the circuit breakers to trip.  The lights are expensive to replace.  He asked for authorization to contract with an electrician to move the boxes to “higher ground” behind the walls and to replace the lights with LED lighting.  The membership approved this action by a voice vote, with the understanding that he will seek bids and obtain the approval of the Executive Committee before engaging a contractor.

9.  Motor home on Cordoba.  One of the neighbors has a large RV parked in the driveway of the home on Cordoba Street.  A number of neighbors mentioned this eyesore in their survey responses.  There was a general discussion with several threads.  The first thread was requesting the City to take action when the vehicle was parked in such a way that it intruded into the City right-of-way, which runs parallel to the sidewalk in front of each home.  This RV is so large that it cannot be parked in the driveway of the home without intruding on the right-of-way.  It appears that the City took action, since the RV was parked today in a diagonal fashion partly on the driveway and partly across the front yard of the home.  This action may also violate another part of the City Code, so the Association will contact the City and request follow-up enforcement action.  The second thread was the possibility of the Association taking legal action against this homeowner to enforce the restrictive covenants, which seem to prohibit parking such large vehicles anywhere that they are visible from the street.  There was some debate about whether the language of the restrictive covenants, and the vehicles listed there, would include this RV.  In light of that discussion, the third thread was whether we should take action to revise the restrictive covenants to ensure that there would be no question in the future about such conduct.  Trustee Kampbell will follow up with the City for further enforcement action.  Ted Barrows agreed to find an attorney experienced in this area to advise us as to the appropriate procedure to amend the restrictive covenants and to render an opinion regarding possible legal action against the homeowner to enforce the restrictive covenants.  He will report his findings to the Executive Committee.

10.  OPEN DISCUSSION.  Glen Bolognese reported that his efforts to engage the neighborhood in a bowling event and a kid’s fishing derby did not garner enough support to proceed this past year.  He would like to try to put on a golf tournament and a kids’ entertainment day this year and a Valentine’s Day Dance Party in February. Lisa Johnson reported two recent negative incidents with unleashed dogs in the neighborhood involving her young children.  We will arrange to send out an e-mail blast reminding dog owners of their responsibilities regarding their dogs.

Matt Kambic, a former Association President said that he has lived here 21 years and loves the neighborhood.  He noted that the neighborhood is turning over to some extent, as families mature, kids move out and the parents move on to smaller places with new young families filling in.  He recalled that the neighborhood, in its youth, had an active cadre of block captains who knew all their neighbors and kept up with neighborhood goings on, as well as providing information to and from the neighbors and the Association leadership.  It was face-to-face and more neighborly than solely communicating electronically and it fostered that sense of neighborhood caring that set us apart.  In those years Britton Farms was recognized as one of the 10 best neighborhoods in Central Ohio.

It appears that in the evenings there are a large number of cars parking at or near the intersection of Ashview and Huntwicke, such that a person traveling on Ashview and seeking to turn either right or left onto Huntwicke, has difficulty making the turn because of being unable to see oncoming traffic due to all the parked cars.  The officers will contact Hilliard police to seek action if cars are parking illegally too close to the intersection.

11.  Elections.  In each of the following cases, one person was nominated, the nominations were closed and a practically unanimous vote was cast for the nominee:

· President:  Ed Kampbell was nominated by Matt Kambic.  The nomination was seconded by Norma Schneiderman.

· 2nd Vice-President:  John Stanton was nominated by Bob Stepp.  The nomination was seconded by Ted Barrows.

· Secretary:  Ted Barrows was nominated by Ed Kampbell.  The nomination was seconded by Marilyn Kemp.

· Trustee:  Matt Kambic was nominated by Patty Kambic.  The nomination was seconded by Bob Stepp.

· Trustee:  Bob Stepp was nominated by Matt Kampbell.  The nomination was seconded by Ed Kampbell.

· Trustee:  Bob Cronin was nominated by Ted Barrows.  The nomination was seconded by Bob Kemp.

In his last official action as Association President, Bob Stepp adjourned the meeting at 8:26 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ted Barrows, Secretary

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